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10 steps to a successful office fit-out

1. Allow sufficient time to prepare a detailed statement of
requirements, office design, obtain approvals and
construction ……..see our ‘How we do it’ page for some outline

2. Prepare a detailed set of requirements including your
current and future staff numbers, the teams in which they
work, how the company works, how many offices, meeting
rooms, storage, printing and utility requirements, the overall
look and feel you would like your office to portray, what type
of break out facilities, specific lighting, power or data

3. Ensure the space you are leasing is suitable to meet your
current and future growth requirements. We can provide
advice and assess potential offices .

4. Obtain design, fixed costs and timeline from suitably
experienced and qualified fit out companies. We provide
designs that are compliant with the current building
regulations, detailed specifications that clearly state exactly
what we are installing, fixed costs that look at all areas of the
fit out including potential variations and a timeline that
identifies key milestones.

5. Check references and jobs recently completed by the fit out
company , speak to previous clients that the project manager
has worked with and ask them how the fit out went.

6. Seek all statutory and landlord approvals prior to starting
work. We take care of all necessary approvals as part of the
process including landlords, building control, HSE, CDM
regulations etc.

7. When signing a contract make sure that you fully
understand your obligations, obtain legal advice if required.
We use clear and concise standard forms of building contracts
that protect the interests of both parties.

8. Attend regular progress meeting and ensure clear
communication with all parties throughout construction.
The Project Manager should regularly report on designs
issues, progress on site, health and safety and cost control.

9. See that all parties meet their obligations under the
contract including standards of workmanship, payment and
supply of additional information.

10. Make sure a snagging list of any outstanding items is
compiled and executed prior to releasing the final payment.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I obtain other images and ideas of other type of offices, furniture such as chairs, desks , reception desks etc?

A one to one meeting with our designers will allow us to tailor a design to fit your space and requirements. This will include visualisations and sample boards of specific furniture. Call or email us now to arrange an obligation-free appointment.


How much does an office fit out cost?

This is dependant on a number of factors like the type of finishes you are looking for, number of offices and meeting rooms , location and access, the current condition of ceiling, floor, air conditioning and electrical services. Do let us know you’re budget, it saves time and we can design accordingly. Call or email us and we’ll work with you to provide an accurate quote based on your needs.

How long will it take? How quickly can tradesman be on site to start the fit out?

Dependant on size and complexity between 1-3 months. See our ‘How we do it’ page for more information. We pride ourselves on quick responsiveness and flexibility so call us and let us know your timeframe, I’m sure we an work something out.

What legal and landlord consents are required?

All designs and fit outs must be compliant with current Building Regulations and local fire authority requirements.
If the use of the building is changing, if the building is in a conservation area or is listed, or any external works are required then planning permission or listed building consent may be also be required.
In addition to statutory consents its also likely the landlord of the building will require you to submit detailed drawings, specification, insurances and details of each contractor carrying out the works. Often works cannot commence without the landlord giving permission. Also you need to be aware of your dilapidations responsibilities at the end of the fit out i.e. putting the space back to how it was when you took possession.

As part of the fit out process Bellfort will deal with all the above on your behalf.

Do I have to employ Bellfort to undertake all of the work?

Its generally more efficient in both cost and hassle limitation if we take care of the complete fit out. However, if there are elements such as design, IT, furniture etc. that you wish to procure directly then our teams are able to adapt to accommodate this.

Why not drop us a line and see how we can help you take those next steps to achieving your perfect office environment?

How much space do I need for my new office?

That’s dependant on current and future staff numbers, cellular spaces needed, whether you’re interested in an open plan office and your facilities requirements. No two organisations are the same, so rather than using on line space calculators why not have us take a look at your current space and then assist you in the search for your new space. Call or email us and we will provide a complimentary workplace assessment of your current and future space requirements.

What should I look for when choosing a new office location?

Ensure the area and is suitable for your business type and your current and future growth plans for the next 1-5 years. Is the location suitable for you and your staff?>

  • Ask if the landlord has plans to refurbish any parts of the building and if so, when?
  • Check transport links and nearby services. Are the facilities the landlord provides such as lifts, entrance , building exterior well maintained?
  • Are the internal services such as air conditioning, power and lighting is in good working order and suitable for adaption as part of the fit out?
  • Check your obligations under the terms of the lease and obtain legal advice if necessary.
  • Call or email us and we will complete all the above on your behalf.


How do I create a green office?

We have energy efficient solutions and can provide advice on setting up a green office. Just ask us.

How can I finance the office fit-out?

For budgeting and cash flow reasons, some clients may prefer not to pay for the fit out at the end of the works. Its possible to obtain finance over a period of 1-5 years. Call or email us and we can provide some more advice on this .

When do I have to commit?

Subject to the project size, complexity, budget, and timeframes we will present an outline design and cost proposal at no cost to, or commitment from you. Once you agree to work with us we’ll ask you to sign a letter of intent which enables us to proceed to the next stage on the assurance you will underwrite all costs for moving forward with the design and ultimately the construction once all final costs are agreed. If you instruct us to proceed with the detailed design and then cancel the project you will only pay the cost of the time our team have spent on the project to date.