Partitions, doors, flooring & ceilings

We provide London and cities across the UK a comprehensive range of space division, office partitioning and finishing solutions to suit every budget and design

Office partitions are generally constructed from metal stud and plasterboard or they may be glass.

Screens offer a more flexible approach to partitions as they are less intrusive to install and can be relocated with ease. Heights are flexible however, when going to full height its recommended partitions are used.

Folding Wall systems offer the flexibility to create either multiple rooms or one large space. They normally hang from the ceiling, offer good sound ratings and come in a variety of finishes including vinyl, white boards or glass. They are ideal for creating multifunctional spaces.

Doors are generally solid timber or glass. Timber offers good sound and fire ratings and can be of a veneer, laminated or painted finish. Glass doors maximise natural light and provide a modern open feel to an office. Both timber and glass doors can be hinged ,single or double, or sliding.

Flooring in open plan spaces and offices are generally carpet tiles allowing flexibility, durability and a wide range of colour and textures. Harder wearing or client facing areas such as receptions and corridors may use a timber, laminate, stone or marble, boardrooms may use a broadloom carpet . Wet areas such as tea points, kitchens and washrooms will use a waterproof system such as vinyl, linoleum or ceramic tiles.

Ceilings in large open plan areas and offices are generally of a grid type with a mineral fibre or metal tile. In feature areas such as receptions and boardrooms dropped plasterboard or timber offer an aesthetically pleasing solution. Both suspended and plasterboard can be acoustic and fire rated.